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About Us

Are you having trouble converting leads from your online and offline advertising campaigns? Do you get new leads at your firm, but the client never calls you back and they disappear? That’s revenue just slipping away. Extremely frustrating!

The business of law has become so very competitive in recent years. According to, in a 2012 study, more than 38% of clients just search for law firms online and no longer select a law firm based on a referral or the reputation of a firm. And it’s estimated to be more than 50% in 2015 with the growth of smartphone use, and increasing every year.

Even if a potential new client is referred to your firm, or finds you online, every second counts since they are visiting your competitors websites and contacting them also until someone accepts their case.

Most practice management software was developed before this time and does not contain the proper features to increase lead to client conversion.

So what’s the solution you may ask? It’s to streamline and modernize your client intake process AND convert more leads into cases. When you have the right tools to handle these oh-so-important processes really well, the amount of revenue your firm brings in will dramatically increase.

At LCIS, we have developed nothing short of the most cutting-edge, easy to use, client intake and conversion software for your growing law firm there is available, PERIOD.

When we set out to design and develop our legal case intake software, we asked 100’s of law firms, around the country, what features and tools they MOST wanted in a software to best handle this EXTREMELY important process in their firm. We took their responses and developed the most effective and easy-to-use software tool to literally maximize EVERY potential new client coming through their marketing channels into their website and calling their office. The result? Law Ruler’s industry-best client intake and lead conversion software!

Some of our software’s features include:

Highly Personalized Process Automation with Electronic Signature
Website Lead Integration
Marketing Analytics Dashboard to Track and Measure your Lead Sources
Removal of Manual Data Entry of Leads to Reduce 3-5% Human Error
Automated and Personalized Follow-Up with New Leads in Seconds
3rd Party Lead Provider Integrations
Intelligent SMS Text Messaging and Email Drip Campaigns
Inbound Phone Call Management
Automated Call Campaigns with Instant Voice Recognition
Out of the Box Intake Questionnaires
Unlimited Custom Fields
…and more. Everything you need to maximize your inbound leads!

If you want to improve the efficiency of your staff, increase lead to conversion percentage, and maximize your advertising spends, then our intake software is for you! AND it’s more affordable than you could have imagined. If that wasn’t enough, we walk you through implementation of our software in your firm and stick by your staff every step of the way.

Sounds great right?? We think so, and our clients do to. Here’s what some of our happy clients have to say:

“Law Ruler completely optimized our intake process. Now our staff is closing almost every lead we get.”
“Before Law Ruler our conversion on leads was under 10%. After just 2 months of using Law Ruler we are converting 20% of our leads and our new cases are through the roof!”
We think you will experience similar results. For a FREE demo of our intake and lead conversion suite, contact us today at 1-800-431-6779 and we will set-up your demo ASAP. We look forward to bringing you cutting-edge legal intake software! Have a great day!