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Process and Profitability: Is your legal case intake process affecting your bottom line?

With the explosive growth in new technologies and proliferation of mobility, cloud computing and “Big Data”, businesses across the globe are scrambling to keep up with the advances.

With the availability of technological resources and applications, data search, capture analysis, storage and access, business trends are demanding software systems that can parallel or outpace the speed and volume of leads and information being generated by today’s technology.    

Rapidly changing business expectations have ushered in new models for business efficiency and the term “user experience” is now associated with productive business practices and optimized human-computer integration and effectiveness.

The information age is here and the legal industry is not exempt from the demand to adapt to consumer expectations and behaviors.

Effectively managing leads, the client intake process and marketing campaigns requires a dedicated and innovative approach that will increase productivity, accountability, and lead-to-client conversions.

Law Ruler has introduced an all-in-one intake solution that can keep your law office organized and reduce intake time and call response rates. If your practice is still using a fragmented, manual approach for intake, you need to contact Law Ruler at 800-431-6779 for a FREE demo of its game-changing intake and lead conversion suite.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing and automated client intake system: 

  • Reduced data entry and workflow slow downs
  • Improved and personalized client-attorney interaction
  • Exemplary “user experience”
  • Improved inbound Phone Call Management
  • Data tracking and market analysis
  • Increased operational efficiency

As lawyers face increasingly aggressive competition, a comprehensive and easy-to-use cloud-based intake solution becomes a necessity. Utilizing data to improve intake productivity customer satisfaction, and lead conversions from online and offline advertising campaigns,  is the new business model for law firms that are ready to leverage business efficiency and profitability in today’s tech space. Law Ruler’s industry-best client intake and lead conversion software can quickly streamline your practice with these innovative features:

  • Highly Personalized Process Automation with Electronic Signature
  • Website Lead Integration
  • Marketing Analytics Dashboard to Track and Measure your Lead Sources
  • Removal of Manual Data Entry of Leads to Reduce 3-5% Human Error
  • Automated and Personalized Follow-Up with New Leads in Seconds
  • 3rd Party Lead Provider Integrations
  • Intelligent SMS Text Messaging and Email Drip Campaigns
  • Out of the Box Intake Questionnaires
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Automated Call Campaigns with Instant Voice Recognition

Law Ruler gives you more time to focus on the legal work you’re getting paid for so you can successfully grow your firm. For more information on how Law Ruler can streamline your legal case intake management and increase your profitability margins.

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