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Is Technology Necessary for Legal Case Client Intake?

Technology has permeated nearly every business in the modern world and the evolution of mobile-friendly practices is now hugely affecting the bottom-line.

The business of practicing law is now also very reliant on technology as the demand for modernization of its day-to-day procedures and customer outreach is the future of legal industry.

As law firms hurry to adapt to the current trends in technology, finding solutions for converting and updating operations at the office is a necessity. With the widespread insurgence of smartphones and tablets, electronic intake is becoming a mainstay at many law practices.  Automated intake allows attorneys and clients to access documents from any location at any time and is transforming the way law firms interact with their clients.

Marketing, sales, social media, customer support and phone management initiatives are critical to a firm’s sustainability in terms of converting leads to clients. Law firms are feeling the pressure to compete for today’s digital consumer and building an effective strategy that encompasses a highly personalized automation system and an integrated easy-to-use, feature-packed dashboard is on the wish-list at many law firms.    

Law Ruler, a leader in legal software, has reinvented the legal case intake process by providing an easy-to-learn, next-gen workflow that maximizes lead-to-client conversions. With Law Ruler, firms can now quickly access and manage information securely in the cloud and bridge the gap between their advertising/marketing efforts and their case management software to increase productivity and revenue for the firm and its associates.

Hand-recorded notes, emails and outdated legal software can result in lost revenue and sabotage a law practice. Law Ruler can wipe out inefficient processes, streamline your intake management and integrate smoothly with the other applications currently in use at your firm. Improve your lead-to-client conversions by 20 percent on average, leverage publicity opportunities and shift your firm’s focus back to billable activities with Law Ruler’s premier legal case intake software.

To receive a FREE demo on how to optimize your front office and intake with powerful automation and personalized client interactions, contact Law Ruler at 800-431-6779, or visit:

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