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It’s The Harvest Season! Are Your Client Leads Dropping Like Autumn Leaves?

Are you ready to harvest your legal case leads with smart technology and institute a highly secure and automated intake system at your firm?  Streamline your intake process with Law Ruler’s cutting-edge legal case intake management software that will drive targeted traffic to your practice and convert prospective clients into retained cases. 

Workflow automation is the catch phrase of 2015 and when it comes to automated intake, nothing compares to the strategic automation of Law Ruler intake management software.

A good intake process not only makes a lawyer’s job easier, but it also allows for  consistent and error-free information gathering. With Law Ruler’s customizable intake forms and questionnaires, all information can be easily integrated seamlessly into your firm’s existing client management system with dozens of additional features recommended by leading national law firm experts.

As with most other commercial services, today’s digital consumers are heading to their mobile phones, tablets and laptops to search for an attorney to help them with their legal case.  Converting browsers to clients is the biggest marketing challenge for many firms today.  Law Firms must have an aggressive web presence if they are going to succeed at capturing a good slice of that web-based pie.

After implementing a strong digital marketing strategy; following, qualifying and converting leads to clients is the next big challenge, and this is where the breakdown takes place at many firms.  

Courting a lead is much like dating. Your firm will need to nurture that lead, with follow up calls, emails and text messaging.  Sort of like sending flowers after a first date. If you ever want to hear from that lead again, consistent follow up is a must.   Don’t drop the ball!  Get Law Ruler to help your firm coordinate:

  • Personalize your intake automation
  • Electronic Signature integration
  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Inbound call management
  • Appointment scheduling and client reminders
  • Automated call campaigns with instant voice recognition
  • Customized intake questionnaires
  • Marketing analytics
  • Email Drip campaigns 

Don’t let your leads fall through the cracks! The management team behind Law Ruler Software has been featured in national and international top news stories on ABC News, the front page of The London Times, and on CBS News 60 Minutes and other media outlets. They are THE experts in legal case management software and legal case intake management. Call 1-800-431-6779 today for a FREE DEMO to see for yourself how your firm can improve its lead-to-client conversions.

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