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Wave Goodbye to Manual Legal Intake Notes

The latest developments in law firm intake automation are proving that efficiency and cost saving measures are not just a convenience but a necessity.  When lawyers were asked to list the biggest productivity killers at their office, client intake management, following client leads, returning calls, retrieving files and information, and market analysis were among the top ten.

Today’s busiest law practices are becoming more proactive in their quest to automate and grow their business while nurturing that personalized connection they know their clients need.

Law Ruler’s leading case intake application has developed the most cutting-edge, all-in-one intake solution that lawyers have been actively searching for.  Identifying and securing viable client leads is critical to a firm’s survival and the days of word of mouth referrals has been replaced with online reviews. The insurgence of mobile devices over the past few years has contributed to the rise in online search. In fact, in 2015 online search from smartphones and tablets surpassed traditional desktop/laptop search activity. What does this all mean for the legal industry? It means that prospective clients can now more easily access a list of attorneys in their area right from their phone and call your office during their lunch break. If your office misses their phone call, they will simply move on to the next law office number on their search list.

Improving marketing and intake support to keep pace with the current tech trends will help firms more quickly gather, qualify and retain new clients while ensuring that new leads aren’t dropped or mishandled.

Law Ruler’s  industry-leading expertise in case intake and lead conversion management has developed a premier software suite that can be installed on your firm’s private servers or accessed using Law Ruler’s cloud-based interface and highly monitored data center with bank-grade encryption and advanced firewall protection.

Shift your firm’s focus back to billable activities with integrated features that will:

  • Remove manual and data entry
  • Improve your lead-to-client ratio by 20% on average
  • Automate a customized and fluid intake process across your firm’s existing technology platforms
  • Personalize and track new leads and follow-up
  • Optimize your marketing and advertising campaigns using quick dashboard analytics
  • Provide inbound call management
  • Integrate electronic signature and SMS Text Message technology
  • Create customized law firm client and lead generation forms
  • Generate appointment scheduling and reminder notifications

With over 25 years of experience in legal software development, Law Ruler’s easy-to-learn, next-gen intake software takes new client intake processing to the next level and will streamline your office workflow and allow for faster lead follow-up and new case sign-up.

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