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Legal Case Intake Management 101: Maximizing Your Firm’s Lead-to-Client Ratio

Legal case intake management software is emerging as the must-have solution for growing firms wishing to maximize their lead-to-client ratio. Until now, existing intake software has been coming up short relative to lead management, and the result has been lost leads and profitability.     

Law Ruler, a leader in legal client intake and case management software, has engineered the most intuitive and comprehensive legal case intake software on the market today. No other system can harness its ability to manage, track and follow-up with new-client leads as thoroughly and easily as Law Ruler.

Law Ruler upgrades existing software infrastructure and seamlessly integrates; mobile device technology and office phone systems. It also includes SMS Text and Email marketing capabilities that are extremely useful when used in compliance with state and federal laws. In fact, studies show that SMS Text messaging can increase response rates by eight times and can significantly strengthen the communication between your firm and its clients.

Additionally, Law Ruler provides fully customizable intake questionnaire templates to guarantee that all essential data is gathered accurately during intake, plus a “Traffic Light Reminder System” that integrates MSFT Outlook TM, Google Gmail TM, and mobile device technology to make sure your law firm never misses a beat when signing up new clients. With Law Ruler, collecting client data, managing intake documents and setting up automated and personalized reminders for both the lawyer and client, has never been this quick and easy!

DocuSign and eSignature are fully integrated into this feature-packed software system making it easier than ever to fill out, sign, and send out retainer e-contracts all within minutes, and its customizable intake questionnaire templates guarantee that all essential data is gathered during intake. A “Traffic Light Reminder System” integrates MSFT Outlook TM, Google Gmail TM, and mobile device technology to make sure your firm never misses a beat when signing up new clients. This powerful toolset works hand-in-hand with attorneys and staff at both large and small firms to improve the entire intake process.

Implementing a well-defined intake process improves information gathering and streamlines document workflow. In today’s competitive and tech-driven market, it’s imperative that firms don’t just track leads, but also track lead follow-up activity. Law Ruler intake-centric functionality can facilitate this process because it was specifically designed to enhance productivity and lead generation while opening up more time for your staff to work on cases and engage with clients.

Law Ruler Software, LLC is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information, call 1-800-431-6779 for a FREE DEMO!

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